Beta Patch Notes – aneb čo sa deje s dlho očakávaným updatom?

By | december 12, 2014

Dnes ráno o 05:05 začalo leto. Super! Ale čo to znamená pre nás fanúšikov ETS 2?
21.03.2013 sa na blogu scssoftware objavil článok v ktorom napísali “Máme niekoľko cool vecí ktoré prídu, a mali by sa objaviť v patchoch počas jari.” Jar už ale skončila dnes ráno ako som už spomínal… Som beta tester, môžem vidieť do “zákulisia” tvorby hry. A poviem vám že sa vývojári neflákajú ale pracujú nielen na patchi. Ako dôkaz som sa rozhodol napísať vám sem tzv. Patch Notes z niekoľkých posledných beta updatov, sú to poznámky čo je v patchi nové. Konkrétne v malých Beta patchoch ktoré beta testeri pravidelne dostávajú.

Build 1.3.80
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*) Ensures that the screenshot manager is not disabled for old testing
*) Low RPM torque boost removed for higher gears
*) Fixed materials on Hi-Way
*) Fixed normals of the glass on Magnum 2009
*) Fixed grass from asphalt, tweaked stamps.
*) Removed too close trees from Swiss border.
*) Basic setup for Fanatec wheel in the input wizard.
*) Fixed format of the Czech license plate after recent changes
*) Fixed signs on quarry prefabs.

Build 1.3.79
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*) Fixed missing vegetation of prefabs
*) Additional gear shifting improvements
*) Some changes in braking to fix problem with lifting of vehicle fron
*) Fixed visibility of the hookup points for side mirrors on uk cabins
in the truck customization ui
*) Improved view from the wide-area mirrors in Hi-Way
*) Adjusted co-driver name plate in Hi-Way UK
*) Fixed mismatch between wiper position and raindrop removal in Hi-Way
*) Fixed quarries in the map to account for prefab changes.
*) Fixed locators, collisions and shadowcasters in quarry
*) Fixed shadowcaster for thin light upgrade
*) Fixed roofgrill for Scania
*) Fixed no-weather area on crossroad

Build 1.3.77
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*) Increased range of steering non-linearity slider.
*) Gear shifting changes to improve behavior in hills
*) Editor: Added command for enumerating over all country border nodes
*) Added command for marking all items belonging to single country on
ui map (mark_country).
*) Editor: Reports conflicts in propagation of country codes from
borders over nodes.
*) Fixed check of the model uv coordinate mapping
*) Minor tweaks in Lyon
*) Various other map fixes

Build 1.3.76
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*) Tweaked automatic transmission.
*) The F8 functionality in editor now has its own “Recompute” button.
The old rebuild is currently not used.
*) Improved some error messages to provide more relevant info and added
several more error messages for problems in mods.
*) Saving of map from editor now detects changes against files in the
target directory instead of the files from the scs packs.
*) Improved lights on AI trucks – Peugeot 407, Punto, Qashqai, Range
Rover, Renault Megane, Seat, XC90
*) Fixed position of far-light indicator on Hi-Way
*) Defined incompatibilities between grill accessories on Hi-Way
*) Added particles to Hi-Way
*) Fixed shadowcaster on Range Rover
*) Fixed fender attachment on Renault Magnum
*) Traffic slowed down at roadwork near Mannheim
*) Fixed missing give way signs on german gas stations
*) Fixed holes in horizon in some places in france.
*) Tweaked signs in various places of the map.
*) Added lights to log_trailer
*) Fixed collisions and visual in quarry
*) Fixed position of wheels and fenders on trailers: cement_cistern,
*) Adjusted specular on Scania
*) Updated from GetLoc

Build 1.3.75
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*) Flipped RPM and speed indicators in Hi-Way UK
*) Added icons for chassis accessories for Hi-Way
*) The UK Iveco truck dealers now sell the Hi-Way as well
*) UK companies generate quick jobs with Hi-Way
*) Fixed mirros in the UK variant of Hi-Way
*) Adjusted prices and unlock levels for 6×2 and 6×4 Hi-Way chassis
*) Improved lights on AI vehicles – Mondeo, Octavia, Passat, Opalin
*) Mirrored control light control stick in UK variant of Volvo FH16
*) Tweaked bus stations
*) Updated from GetLoc
*) Better texts in the screenshot manager, not final and not localized
*) Fixed missing ui_quarry text, currently not on GetLoc yet.

Build 1.3.74
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*) Too big screenshots are resized during upload
*) Improved lights AI vehicles – A6, BMW5, C4, Fabia, Focus 2009,
Transit, Golf, Jaguar XF, Kia Ceed, Lancer, Mazda, Mercedes Ce, Mondeo
*) Fixed speed meter in Hi-Way
*) Fixed hookups on Pland tollgates
*) Assigned default paintjob for Hi-Way
*) 6×2 and 6×4 variants of Hi-Way chasis
*) UK variant of Hi-Way interior
*) Added in-ui shadow for Hi-Way
*) Cleaned up the station (removed some dirt and pallets)
*) Various map fixes (tweaked signs and fixed hole in milano

Build 1.3.73
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*) Updated from GetLoc
*) Fixes in Dover, Torino, Amsterdam
*) Fixed Polish tollgate
*) Reduced size of parking area on truck dealer prefab
*) Updated text on Hi-Way sunshield
*) Improved lights on AI vehicles – A3, Accord, Astra
*) Fixed some Polish signs
*) Fixes in telemetry output

Build 1.3.72
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*) Fixed shadows for horn accessory.
*) Updated from GetLoc
*) The screenshot manager can now upload screenshots to the web. Note
that related new messages are not finished yet.

Build 1.3.71
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*) Improved FF behavior.
*) FF strength sliders are now <0;2> instead of <0;1> for more control.
*) Cvar s_rumble_enabled (currently no UI) allowing user to disable the
rumble stripe sound in case his driving skills cause it to be annoying.
*) Fixed issue with texture on Hi-Way
*) Fixed garage in Swansea to avoid Iveco crashing.
*) Removed grass patch from hotel yard in Mannheim
*) Fixed flying barriers near amsterdam
*) Improved model and texture of mirror accessory for Hi-Way
*) Fixed collision for Hi-Way
*) Fixed various flying barriers/walls
*) Fixed position of plate number on frontgrill for Hi-Way
*) Added give way signs to bus station
*) Fixed ability to tweak orientation of the mirrors on Hi-Way
*) Fixed thickness and texture mapping on traffic light
*) Fixed artefacts on Hi-Way paintjob
*) Bottom grill moved under the bumper on Hi-Way
*) Adjusted names of some Hi-Way accessories
*) Fixed GPS display in Hi-Way
*) Hi-Way should now appear in quick jobs
*) Fixed shadows from roofgrills of all brands.

Build 1.3.69
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*) Adjusted beacon locator on Hi-Way
*) Exhaust on DAF XF it is now accessory.
*) Fixed fake shadow for Hi-Way
*) Fixed problem with loading of save when company goes missing.
*) Fixed incorrect calculation of in building generation.
*) Fixed bug in Poznan
*) Fixed signs in Czech Republic
*) Various other map fixes
*) Fixed head and cabin position info in telemetry output.

a tak ďalej až po Build 1.3.11 ktorý bol vydaný 14. ferbuára.